About Annie J Pilates


Anne-Marie has always loved a healthy and active lifestyle as a former gymnast.


As an avid and dedicated practitioner of Reformer Pilates for over 15 years, she has advocated for the many benefits of the Pilates Method.


She took her passion to another level with a rigorous, comprehensive Teacher Training Certification program from the renowned Pilate-ology studio in Los Angeles, CA. Investing over 1500 hours of learning, personal practice, observations, and teaching practice with practical and written exams.


She also attended the Brigid McCarthy school in Edinburgh, gaining comprehensive teacher training in Matwork Pilates.

We look forward to welcoming you,

​Anne-Marie Johnson

BEE has a B.A. degree in Dance from Point Park University USA, which led to performing and choreographing for hotel resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. 


She found her pole dance passion in 2016 and has competed and taught in Mexico, the USA, Spain, and the U.K.


Pilates has benefited Bernadette's career as a dancer, and she became a qualified Pilates Instructor with Future Fit. Overall, the reformer has been an excellent form of rehabilitation, and she is excited to incorporate her knowledge into her future classes.