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Anne-Marie Johnson

Our passionate founder and lead instructor, has always embodied a love for a healthy and active lifestyle. With a background as a former gymnast, Anne-Marie discovered her true passion for Reformer Pilates over 15 years ago and hasn't looked back since.

Having honed her skills and secured her certification in the bustling city of Los Angeles, acclaimed as the Pilates reformer capital of the world, Anne-Marie carried her extensive expertise back to England and the local area. With her and her team's dedication, it is here that she established Thrive Pilates Studios, a pinnacle of holistic wellness and personalised fitness experiences in the region.

Anne-Marie's commitment to excellence didn't stop there. She furthered her education by attending the Brigid McCarthy school in Edinburgh, where she received comprehensive teacher training in Mat-work Pilates, ensuring she offers a well-rounded approach to Pilates instruction.

Nestled within the community of Bolton,

Thrive Pilates Studios found its home within the esteemed walls of Thrive Gym, a hub of health and vitality frequented by wellness enthusiasts. Here, amidst the hum of dedication and the spirit of transformation, individuals found a sanctuary to nourish their bodies and minds, guided by Anne-Marie's profound understanding and unwavering commitment to the art of Pilates. Together with her team of skilled instructors, Anne-Marie crafted an environment where every individual could thrive, grow stronger, and uncover the resilience within themselves.

Anne-Marie Johnson


The Pilates studio is fantastic. As a beginner I was naturally anxious about a new class but was made to feel so welcome at Thrive & Annie was so supportive of the start of my Pilates journey. Thank you.


I've had 1:1 sessions and attended classes - can recommend both.


I lift a lot of weights and these girls looks after my muscles when they need it! Highly recommended! Knows their stuff!
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