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Frequently bought

Duet Session




Valid for 2 weeks

Tailored exercises for you and your friend or loved one.

Flexible scheduling to accommodate busy lifestyles.

Enjoy the benefits while sharing the experience together.

Best seller

One Private session




Valid for 2 weeks

Ideal for beginners to build a solid foundation.

Individualised instruction focused on specific goals.

More attention to detail

Best value

Introductory package



Enjoy 3 classes

Valid for 3 weeks

This offer can only be used once by new clients.

Dive into Pilates with a comprehensive introduction.

Experience the benefits of regular practice.

Frequently bought

10 classes per month



That's £13.50 per class!

Valid for one month

Our best offer.

Full body fitness workout building strength flexibility

Saving £45

Vamp up your fitness level

Customer favourite

8 classes



To suit your schedule

Valid for 6 weeks

Value-packed option for the committed.

Consistent attendance will help build skills and benefits.

Variety of class times to fit your schedule and preferences.

Best Value

1 class



Last minute?

Valid for 2 weeks

A convenient option for flexibility in your schedule.

An opportunity to try different instructors.

Affordable way for you to stay active.

Best seller

20 classes



2 classes per week

Valid for 12 weeks

Comprehensive package for long-term commitment and results.

Cultivating strength flexibility & overall well-being.

Savings and convenience combined.

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